Captain's Choice Beard Balm

Captain's Choice Beard Balm

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SIZE: 1 oz


THE BLACK SPOT: Infused with Black Box Coffee (Odessa, MO)

THE CAPTAIN’S CHOICE - Vanilla & Tangerine

SCURVY - Orange & Clove

DRYDOCK - Cedarwood, Blue Spruce, & Black Spruce

CALYPSO - Cinnamon, Patchouli, & Sage

YO HO HO HO- Cinnamon & Black Spruce

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After you have just finished applying our beard oil we recommend using our beard balm next to seal in the oils and help maintain a slight hold to your beard to make it look more presentable, along with giving it more nutrition. Our Beard Balms are 100% organic jojobo oil, Shea butter, and Bees wax. Jojoba is the closest in nature to the chemical composition of the oil (sebum) secreted by the hair follicle. Jojoba also contains a healthy supply of vitamin E, B-complex, and other chemicals beneficial to hair and skin. When massaged into the hair, Shea butter helps relieve many skin/beard problems such as dandruff. It can be used whether your beard is dry or oily. It moisturizes dry faces and reduce flaking due to dryness. Bees wax is used to give it a slight hold so you can help tame the stragglers of the beard that just sometimes wont listen. Each of our beard balms matchs their beard oil counterpart in fragrance.