The Black Spot Beard Oil (2 oz)

The Black Spot Beard Oil (2 oz)

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The Black Spot

Infused with Black Box Coffee, with a hint of vanilla

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Beard oils are used to soften the hair and rehydrate the skin to help protect from itching, "beardruff", and brittleness. Many companies use multiple oils (coconut, almond, argan, vitamin E, etc) in their oils, at Angry Kraken we use only 100% organic Jojoba Oil. Jojoba is the closest in nature to the chemical compostition of the oil (sebum) secreted by the hair follicle. Jojoba also contains a healthy supply of vitamin E, B-complex, and other chemicals beneficial to hair and skin. It's the perfect every day product; use right out of the shower by placing a small amount in your hands while the beard is still damp and working between hands, then apply to beard. Our beard oils also contain therapeutic grade essential oils for fragrance. We recommend using our beard balm after to help tame any stragglers, and to help seal in the benefits of the beard oils