Molding Cream (3.4 oz)

Molding Cream (3.4 oz)


Men's Molding Cream for the Perfect Hold & Shine Balance

"Absolutely the best stuff I've used in forever." ~ Kevin G.

Hold: Medium

Finish: Natural Shine

Scent: Tropical Fruit

The 'Molding' is our high-quality molding cream for men. What makes our molding cream unique is its extreme pliability, medium hold, and balanced natural shine giving you an attractive, clean look but making it as simple and quick to style as possible.

On top of it all, our molding cream is scented with revitalizing Tropical Fruit to help energize your day and draw those around you with an amazingly attractive aroma!

Directions: Towel dry hair, then spread a small amount onto palms and fingertips and apply. Best applied to damp hair.


Our defining molding cream is not too thick nor thin. Hair cream in general is less stickier than hair gel or wax. Rather than being a solid substance like a wax, or a tacky goo like a gel, styling creams are relatively thick and usually work well with all sorts of hairstyles although they work extremely well for those with frizzy, curly, or stubborn hair.

Our molding and hair creams also offer a balanced shine and hold (natural shine and medium hold) for a clean and stylish modern look!

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