Dry Clay (3.4 oz)

Dry Clay (3.4 oz)


Matte Hair Clay to Energize your Hair ... and Senses!

"Makes it so easy to get the look I want." ~ Trevor B.

Hold: Strong

Finish: Matte

Scent: Lemon & Melon

The 'Dry Clay' is our pliable dry matte hair clay perfect for barbers or men looking for a strong hold and amazing scent. This unique matte hair clay creates a powerful hold while leaving a natural matte finish to your hair. It's also scented with Lemon & Melon to energize your senses and attract those around you (beware!).

Directions: Towel-dry your hair. Then spread a small amount of hair clay onto your palms and fingertips. Finally, slick and rock!


While oil based pomades generally allow for medium hold and hi shine, hair clays usually provide a powerfully strong hold with a low shine. Our particular pliable Dry Clay offers a lightweight formula for easy & quick absorption into your hair - without leaving any trail of residue.

Our Dry Clay is also rich with beneficial antioxidants, minerals & ingredients to nourish your hair & scalp.

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