Weston Tobacco (4 oz)

Weston Tobacco (4 oz)


This soap was inspired by the small Missouri Town of Weston located northwest of Kansas City along the Missouri River. Weston is a tobacco town surrounded by rolling hills planted with tobacco. In the fall the tobacco is harvested and cured in barns. The scent drifting from these rooms is captured in this bar. The scent is extremely complex and rich with nuances of tobacco leaf, tobacco blossom, vanilla and woody undertones. This is a fragrance scented soap.

Made from locally sourced lard, from Local Pig.

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Deforest Soap Company - Kansas City

DeForest Soap Company™ is a family-owned and operated natural soap producer. We were founded on the idea that what you put ON your body is as important as what you put in it.

There was a time when people had a connection to their purveyors and the goods that they offered were simple and pure. DeForest Soap Company strives to provide a natural cleansing bar with ingredients you can pronounce, oils that nourish your body and essential extracts to delight your senses.

DeForest Soaps are handcrafted in Kansas City, Missouri by our family. Our products are of exceptional quality, made in small batches using time-honored traditions; slowly, with care and only the best natural ingredients.

DeForest Soaps: from our hearts to your home; local, quality products rooted in traditional greatness.