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"The Beast" 500cc Rah-Tang-Tang-Tang! This will remind you of your Crazy Uncle that smokes his pipe filled with Cherry Tobacco. 16oz soy wax candle with wood wick gets approximately 80hrs burn time..

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SicWicks - Missouri

SicWicks is the biggest, little, project you've never heard of, yet you're going to want. Founded in a basement in the southeast corner of Missouri, our candles offer unique scents for anywhere or any occasion. Make no mistake, however, this is NOT your grandma's lavender. Inspired by an alternative culture and endless limitations, this father-daughter hobby-turned-business provides a product that's soft enough for your mothers living room, yet core enough for your dad's garage. Sit back, open a beverage, and relax....or crank some death metal, we don't care. Our candles are fit for both!