Death Wish Coffee Beard Balm (2 oz)

Death Wish Coffee Beard Balm (2 oz)

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Death Wish Coffee

We have combined forces with Death Wish Coffee, the most caffeinated coffee available, to infuse the scent of a freshly brewed pot. Caffeine is also said to stimulate the follicles, we can’t guarantee faster growth but it's a welcomed side effect.

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Our beard balm will help condition and soften your beard, while controlling fly-aways and split ends.

Our all natural ingredients include : Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Essential Oils.

The perfect beard begins with you but with our help you can go from good to great. beard management is what we do and with our product you will be able to perfectly control your beard with a perfect balance of hold without the waxy feeling.