FREY - The Refined Lint Brush

FREY - The Refined Lint Brush


The Lint Brush: Shoe horn, lint removing brush, and fabric brush all-in-one. Compact and foldable for easy storage, elegant enough to show off, you choose.

Designed for reusable removal of lint, fuzz, and dust without the damaging effects of common sticky lint rollers. Rejuvenates old fabrics and materials to help restore their original look.

Formulated to treat your favorite clothing looking better, longer. Favorite shirt, consider yourself saved.

Boasting an all-natural fragrance inspired by world-renowned fragrances and comprised of over a dozen individual ingredients.

Blended with biodegradable, natural ingredients and a concentrated formula to minimize waste. WITHOUT sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, or animal testing.

For every purchase, someone in need is helped through our Wash for Wash program, as part of the 10% of profits we give back. Proud to be a Certified B Corporation.

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