Premium Beard Oil

Premium Beard Oil

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  • Strengthen your beard - This choice blend of exotic oils is packed with nutrients that enhance the comfort, health and appearance of beards. It supports the natural sebum produced by the body to form stronger, well hydrated and healthy looking hair. Helps repair recently trimmed beards

  • Lasting protection - Creates a strong shield to resist sweat and contaminants from clinging to your beard and causing discomfort, hair damage and poor appearance

  • Luxurious texture - Tame unruly stray ends and give your beard a silky soft feeling your loved ones will appreciate. Our beard oil has a similar pH level to the human skin meaning it won't leave your skin feeling oily

  • Fragrance Free - Whether you like expensive cologne or prefer to be "au naturel", our oil won't get in the way. Many beard oils give off strong scents, ours is fragrance free because we believe in your freedom to choose how to smell

  • Excellent value - A little goes a long way. When used as directed, a 1 fl oz. bottle can last 3 months