Woodshop Beard Balm

Woodshop Beard Balm

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Net Weight: 2oz

WOODSHOP: KC Beard Co. has created the Pinion pine resin infused beard balm. This mixture will give your beard the shape and hold it needs, without leaving behind a greasy look. You will smell like the lumber isle of Home Depot!

NAKED: The NAKED Beard Balm is the meat and potatoes of what a beard balm is supposed to be. It offers a solid hold, simultaneously hydrating and softening the facial hair. All while being stripped of any scent. 

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  • At K.C. Beard Co., we believe in delivering the highest quality products we can to our customers! Which is why we have made the commitment to always use "100% organic ingredients." We are proudly based in Kansas City, yet we serve the world with "100% Organic Manliness!"
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