Leland Hand Soap (8 oz)

Leland Hand Soap (8 oz)


LELAND: Mango & Lime

Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

All Detroit Grooming Co. Hand Soaps are rich in vitamins, essential oils, and plant-derived ingredients (including Aloe Vera). These ingredients combine to make a hand soap that will never leave your skin dry.

All Detroit Grooming Co. Hand Soaps are sold in single, 8 fl. oz., pump handle bottles.

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From Detroit Grooming Company:

Detroit Grooming Co. is a product line for a man of the times. Any time. What began as a search for a superior product has resulted in a timeless and classic creation of our own. Our product line has expanded to include categories in shaving, personal care, creams & cleansers, and hair care. With an eye on quality and the environment, we promise to bring you the best available ingredients without further endangering rare flora or fauna, all the while giving a man what he deserves, a superb product.