KC Beard Co - Beard Oils

KC Beard Co - Beard Oils


Size: 1 oz.

Cannibeard: A hemp infused beard oil mixed with top tier essential oils. Cannibeard provides a HIGH quality hydrating punch that almost feels illegal.

Captain: Time to set sails towards a stronger, healthier and cleaner beard with our new scent that gives you the Bay Rum experience that any pirate would gladly walk the plank for. Don't sink to Davey Jones' locker, get on-board today.

Coffee Mint: Barista approved. Smells like 6:00 A.M. Coffee and Mint infused beard oil.

Decembeard: 'Tis the season. This crisp refreshing blend will keep you and your beard jolly!

Lumberjack: A best seller, consisting of a woodsy/manly scent provided by a blend of 5 different essential oils and 3 different carrier oils.Flannel shirt not included.

Naked: You like the ring of it, huh? Well our "Naked" beard oil is just that! We've added no essential oils to provide a scent. So, its honestly like you have nothing on. But, at the same time - your beard is shining and it's nourished. "Naked" is made for our fellow beardsman's, who are only looking for the hair and skin benefits that you have come to expect from K.C. Beard Co. All of the organic oils - none of the scent!

Royalty: As with all our beard oils, "Royalty" is packed with the beard and skin nourishing ingredients you've come to love from us! "Royalty" was made to keep your beard looking healthy and your skin moisturized. We use organic sandalwood, vanilla, and other essential oils to keep your beard smelling great too! So, give your beard the Royal treatment it deserves!

Wildfire: Our "Wildfire" beard oil is an excellent way to condition your beard AND skin, while smelling like the refined gentleman you are. We have selected only the finest essential oils, which we have combined to create an invigorating, yet spicy citrus scent.

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Each one of our beard oils are made with 100% organic ingredients. Our blends of jojoba, sweet almond, and argan oil will keep your beard moisturized and hydrated.