Featherweight Beard Balms

Featherweight Beard Balms

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1740 Beard has harnessed the conditioning powers of lanolin and combined them with coconut oil and sweet almond oils which have been proven to be excellent for conditioning and taming your beard. Lanolin’s role in nature is to protect wool and skin...

FRESHLY CUT: It’s a woodsy scent with a hint of lime, like a walk in the woods on a spring day. Made with Cedar, Fir, and lime essential oils.

Net Weight: 2oz

Made in Kansas City, MO

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This 1740 Beard Balm product will help condition and soften your beard, while controlling fly-aways and split ends. 

All natural ingredients include : Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Essential Oils. This product does not overwhelm but is the perfect balance for all those guys looking for the perfect beard.