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Boardwalk pomade

Boardwalk Pomade is family owned and based in Southern California, drawing inspiration from SO-CAL’s beautiful coastline and laid back surf culture.

All Boardwalk products have 3 requirements, easy to style, easy to wash out and most importantly, to keep your hair and scalp healthy. To achieve this all of their products are made from Aloe-Vera, are paraben-free and Vegan. they create all of their formulas in-house in Southern California and painstakingly test each product with the help of Barbers and Stylists to ensure the highest quality product possible.


To all of our amazing customers and friends,

In the month of February, we raised a total of $1,675 for our KCPD Care Team and Suicide Prevention Helpline fundraiser. The word "we" was used on purpose because our company would not have been able to raise these funds without the amazing support of each and every one of you. For that, we thank you.

As the conclusion to this fundraising campaign, we would like to invite all of you, your friends, and your family to a special event. This event will be held at HopCat Kansas City on Sunday, March 31st. Until the day of this event, you will still be able to donate by clicking on the button below.

Donate to the kcpd care team & suicide prevention helpline