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 modern man supply co.

a new concept in men’s shopping, for the modern day man.

established & Based in kansas city but supplying the entire world.


 coming soon! Pre-order now!

80% of all of new apparel will be ordered in a limited quantity. this is done to make sure that we are able to CONSISTENTLY offer new designs from an EVER-GROWING selection of lines. this does however mean that once that limited quantity is gone, they are most likely not returning any time soon.

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this month, a kcpd officer took their own life.

suicide is an epidemic that is often not spoken about or acknowledged. we believe that this is due to the painful and sometime uncomfortable feelings that are associated with suicide.

due to our relationship with the kcpd care team and our desire to raise awareness of the suicide issues in our own communities, modern man supply co. will be donating 25% of our profits for the remainder of the month. this donation will be split between the kcpd care team and the suicide prevention helpline.

Donate to the kcpd care team & suicide prevention helpline

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